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Methods for increasing employee productivity

Here are several of my top methods for increasing employee productivity when your department is having any kind of issues.

Make sure they know who’s boss

If your employees aren’t working hard enough, it may just be because you haven’t trained them well enough to know you’re in charge. I recommend making their responsibilities and requirements very clear, as loudly as you can. If they are underperforming, let them know that as well. There’s nothing like a commanding voice and firm body language to let them know that THEY work for YOU.

Keep their eyes on the prize

Remind employees what they’re really working on. It’s so easy to get lost in the small stuff when you have a lot to do, but if you keep posters on the wall to remind them of their values and of the company’s motivation, employees will be willing to work much harder for much longer.

Enforce consequences for mistakes

Employees clocking out too early? Showing up to work late? Making simple errors? These issues are easy to solve, with one simple word: consequences. For any instance of noncompliance, assign mandatory overtime, take away lunchroom permissions, or shorten breaks. At worst, threaten immediate termination. Your employees will shape up in no time.

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