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Prioritize customer voices by minimizing influence silos

We all know how it feels to be ensconced in an influence silo: ideation stagnates, synergy is unreachable, and nobody ever circles back around to CX! The solution is simple: stop moving sprint goalposts and get the ball rolling back to moving the needle.

A common misconception is that best practice is to constantly alter your timeline in order to ensure product quality. In actuality, touching base while staying consistent is more important. You may need to bring in an outside influence to take a helicopter view of things and focus on your core competencies. Make sure you have the buy-in of employees both inside and outside your department: this is a good way to empower lower-ranked employees by giving them and important task.

Dogfooding is all well and good, but occasionally, an influence silo can be as large as a whole company. At that point, it’s time to bring in the big guns and acknowledge the elephant in the room: your true priority is customer experience, NOT employee opinions!

Make sure your clients are truly experiencing the bleeding-edge version of your project. The process for getting it to them may have a lot of moving parts, but it’s likely you’ll just need to think outside the box a little. Once customer voices are prioritized, a company can truly live up to its values.

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