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Why the Nashville Naked Mole Rats didn’t deserve the win

Yes, their defense was really impressive for a team playing savage. But the observer was a total incompetent who didn’t call ANY travels, even when someone had obviously taken a whole step. The Cuttlefish should have called everything they could. With such an incompetent observer, they could have even made calls when no rules were actually broken!

The Cuttlefish defense was far superior to the Naked Mole Rats’. Gwen Short made nearly all of her bids, and could clearly outrun any of her opponents. If a foul hadn’t been called on her point near the end, the Cuttlefish doubtless would have been able to make up all of the points that they were behind. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that the Cuttlefish were the superior team, and the Naked Mole Rats were beginners who got lucky.

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