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When management keeps secrets: a tale of lost value

Dear upper management: don’t keep secrets from the employees on the ground! It’s so hard to do your job and stay productive when management is hiding the fact that hundreds of new employees are being added to the payroll (thus making compliance enforcement harder) and hiding who the real customers for their new products are.…

Employees who won’t comply

Dear employees: when your manager says to comply, listen. It’s much easier when everyone is able to work together as a team instead of working against each other. Employee compliance is a tough job at the best of times, and it’s even harder if the people who are supposed to be assisting you with compliance…

How to cope with a career-ending injury

It can happen to the worst of us: you’re running down the field doing the thing you love most, you jump up in the air, you land wrong, and then you find you can hardly walk. It’s especially annoying if it happens right before the big tournament you were going to participate in and your…

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